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  • What would Canela think?

    Kelvin Peña, also known as “Brother Nature,” has caused an uproar when his old tweets were released and labeled as racist, antisemetic and sexist. The tweets included language regarding Hitler, women’s rights and racial slurs targeted at...

    • Posted October 30, 2018
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  • A glimpse inside the Trump administration

    It is no secret that the presidency of Donald Trump is an unusual one. His presidency has featured countless attacks on the media, the use of Twitter for his public quarrels and has divided our country to...

    • Posted September 18, 2018
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  • Unplanned princess

    Planned Parenthood is facing backlash on social media after one of its affiliates tweeted a post suggesting that Disney should create a princess who has had an abortion. Planned Parenthood Keystone (@PPKeystone), which operates in 37 Pennsylvania...

    • Posted April 3, 2018
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  • Opinion | Child pornography holder Mark Salling deserves rest in peace messages

    Mark Salling, known for his role as Noah Puckerman in the hit show “Glee,” has died. On Jan. 30, the Salling parents found out that their son, Mark, had hung himself and died of an apparent suicide....

    • Posted February 6, 2018
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  • Mediate your media

    Social media isn’t just a trend or some phase that will eventually dissolve. It’s become a societal norm and has infused itself with our personal lives, obviously, but also our professional lives. At some point, you have...

    • Posted April 12, 2017
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  • Wreck: Stop award show commentary

    I’ve always been a fan of award shows, however, recently, as social media has taken over our world, I’ve started to hate them. Scrolling through my Twitter timeline on Monday night was actually painful for me. Almost every...

    • Posted February 17, 2016
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  • Wreck: Naughty Bobcats on social media

    Dear creepy and/or naughty Bobcats, I have some questions. First the Snapchat account @Bobcatsafterdrk, now on Twitter @qu_nudes? Why is it so difficult for you to keep your clothes on? I understand the dorm rooms are hot...

    • Posted September 30, 2015
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  • Rave: Valentine cards make a comeback

    It seems these days that sending or receiving valentine’s cards has become a lost art. Sure, plenty of people continue to buy generic valentine’s cards for close family and friends, but the idea of making your own...

    • Posted February 12, 2014
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  • Rave: #ShitQUKidsSay

    A typical scroll through your twitter feed would show tweets from the popular @QUCrushes and @QpacProbs, but there’s a new Quinnipiac parody account in town. With tweets like “Wait.. Where’s my QCard?!” or cracks about the quad...

    • Posted April 10, 2013
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  • Get racy on Twitter with @QUcrushes

    A quick browse through your Twitter feed may reveal a slew of re-tweets from the latest trend on campus: @QUCrushes. The Twitter account asks students to send confessions about their crush on the website, and then...

    • Posted April 3, 2013
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  • RAVE: Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton’s adorable Twitter exchange

    The country couple, who were married in 2011, have recently been under the tabloids’ fire amidst allegations that Shelton was cheating on the “Over You” singer. While so many celebrities offer cleaned up stories from their publicists,...

    • Posted March 27, 2013
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  • Culture Shock 1/23

    The Year of Beyonce She performed “The Star-Spangled Banner” at The Presidential Inauguration, she’s the Super Bowl XLVII halftime performer, she just launched a personal blog on Jan. 21 titled “Beyhive,” where fans can read what she’s...

    • Posted January 23, 2013
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  • Tips for social media etiquette

    Social media is a driving force in our generation. It’s how we communicate, it’s how we procrastinate, it’s a way of life. But there’s a fine line between using social media and abusing it. Having a Facebook...

    • Posted October 17, 2012
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  • RAVE of the week: baby Beyoncé tweets

    It seems Beyoncé’s baby bump is on a tweeting frenzy. “You can call me Embry-once from now on,” @BeyonceJayFetus recently tweeted.

    • Posted October 31, 2011
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