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  • Step out of your comfort zone

    There is no greater turn-off than meeting someone who refuses to learn. By refusing to learn, I mean not being open to new ideas, rare opportunities or new people. Don’t tell me about your religious views and...

    • Posted November 10, 2016
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  • Liven up your classroom

    Have you ever been in a class and zoned out for 20 minutes without realizing it? It can be the most frustrating thing when you are trying so hard to pay attention, but you just can’t seem...

    • Posted December 9, 2015
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  • Wreck: measuring learning with ELOs

    Do you QU? Well, do you? As an active member of a few organizations on campus, I have been forced to use DoYouQU multiple times. DoYouQu is the online portal for organizations of the school to use...

    • Posted January 28, 2015
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