Rave: Gotta catch ’em all

By on August 9, 2016
People playing Pokemon Go on their smart phones can visit Pokestops, which are usually located on local monuments or buildings.Sarah Doiron | The Quinnipiac Chronicle

People playing Pokemon Go on their smart phones can visit Pokestops, like the one above, which are usually located on local monuments or buildings.

This summer, I’m sure you all have seen lots of people walking down the sidewalk with their phone in their hands, swiping vigorously. You can almost guarantee that come fall semester, Quinnipiac will be buzzing with people trying to be “the very best” Pokemon trainers, and I have never been more excited.

Pokemon was always a huge part of my childhood, and to see it make a huge comeback brings me back to when I used to sit on my childhood bed, Game Boy Color in hand, playing Pokemon.

But this time, Pokemon is taking a different approach. Pokemon Go allows people to walk around using a GPS locator to catch Pokemon all around the world.

While our parents may find it ridiculous when we have to stop walking to swipe angrily at a psyduck, or when we get frustrated with all the pidgeys in the surrounding area, I find it remarkable that one phone app has motivated many people to get off the couch and spend time outside.

Whether you’re walking your dog, hanging out in your local park or spending time in the city with friends, Pokemon Go is getting people out of the house and exploring their communities.

I love Pokemon Go. It has given me a reason to leave my house and get some much needed exercise. Prior to Pokemon Go, I struggled with a motivation to use my free time to go for a walk. Now I have that motivation, and it has made me even more excited to travel to my local park.

Pokemon Go has even made going to work more exciting for me, since the Chipotle I work at is a Pokemon gym. Many people will come in, grab something to eat and play the game. This makes a great conversation starter and a bonding experience between my co-workers and me since we all play the game as well.

Pokemon Go has so many benefits that have already been tapped into, and I think this will open to the door to even more phone apps that allow us to get off of our couch and explore our community.


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