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Facilities snow cleanup

By on February 26, 2014


studentspeakuplogo (1)Hannah Schindler

devonKatie O'Brien

“There are a couple main pathways that are a little icy sometimes, but the roads seem to be fine. They cleared those pretty quickly.” -Devon Toews


rickyKatie O'Brien

“The only thing that isn’t clear is the bridge near Hep Creek. It is right by our dorm so we have to walk over it everyday and it is never cleared.” -Ricky Hildebrand

catieKatie O'Brien

“My roommate fell on her tailbone and had to get an x-ray and stuff. Right near new village there was a huge sheet of black ice, and we told them it needed salt, and she fell straight on her tailbone.” -Caitie Nesi, sophomore

amyKatie O'Brien


“I feel like the sidewalks and everything are always cleaned up and always in a very fast manner because we always have school the next day” -Amy Pannesco


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