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By on February 19, 2014
studentspeakuplogo (1)Hannah Schindler

The Chronicle asked students if they plan to study abroad during their time at Quinnipiac.

trevorEMegan Maher

 “I was in Ireland last spring…It was incredible, one of the best experiences of my life…When you do it through QU, they take you on this trip to the Ring of Kerry which is provided in the fees that you pay to QU so that was really interesting…Plus the fact that you get a six-week spring break basically. They call it study month, but it’s basically do whatever you want for a while.” -Trevor Ensign, senior

kateHMegan Maher


“I just have never really thought about [studying abroad for a semester]…Maybe for QU 301 cause that’s shorter and it’s easier I guess, less money.”  -Kate Hlushko, sophomore

sophiadeeMegan Maher

“I’m a health science major so it’s kind of difficult. I wanted to at first, but after talking to them I think I am just going to do a service trip for a week or two or just go over the summer. I’m not going to do a full semester….[I want to go] somewhere in Europe, probably like Spain or Italy or something.” -Sophia Dee, freshman

MGomezMegan Maher

“I’ve always wanted to go to different parts of the world, so I like [how] the school has programs to go to Europe mainly, which is where I plan to go if I go.” -Manny Gomez, freshman



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