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Armed officers

By on February 7, 2014

studentspeakuplogo (1)Hannah Schindler

We talked to students on how they feel about senior public safety officers carrying arms.

alexaSarah Harris

“I think that it’s an unfortunate necessity and it’s sad that we have go to a point where we need it, however, it is smart to be prepared for the worst…I have already felt comfortable on this campus, I think it’s a very safe place, but it doesn’t hurt [to have armed officers].” -Alexa Mcwhinnie, sophomore


lienSarah Harris

“I dont think it directly affects me, but it is a bit scary thinking of having multiple gunman around on campus.” -Lien Vu, freshman

johnSarah Harris

“With recent events happening throughout different schools, I think it is important that we do have security on campus that will be trained to deal with such events that will also be able to help us within that time that the police are able to get here. So they will be able to implement safety a whole lot sooner, which can make a huge difference in the lives of the students on campus.” -John Chiari, junior


robSarah Harris

“I think it’s good that public safety officers have guns because college campuses are kind of dangerous these days, but I just wish that they put them in the hands of people that are more qualified, like Hamden police officers, and not retired cops.” -Rob Cowan, freshman



“For me it’s not really a surprise, it’s kind of normal. My high school had armed guards too and so for them to be here at Quinnipiac it’s kind of the same thing.” -Tori Laugeni, freshman

toriSarah Harris


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