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Federal deficit

By on October 18, 2013


danteMadeline Hardy
“I’m concerned that maybe the stock market is going to be affected by this. Honestly I feel like the Republican side is wrong and we should give it more of a chance what Obama is trying to lay out.” -Dante Stearns, junior, finance




rebeccaMadeline Hardy

“I think there needs to be an entire reform on how our money is spent. Everyone is so set in their ideas that their way is the best that nobody will consider a third option compromise. I think that the welfare system is broken and people who need money aren’t getting it.” -Rebecca Carlone, sophomore, pre-law




taylorMadeline Hardy

“I would try and stop international conflict by trying to keep the peace and not spreading war because that would probably help save a lot of money.”  -Taylor Chelo, freshman, elementary education, English




patrickMadeline Hardy
“I would like to cut government spending right now because that is what you have to do. There are certain things that are important to do and take care of but there are a lot of programs that they need to weigh the cost of.” -Patrick Merritt, junior, computer science



haydenMadeline Hardy
“Military spending could be cut a lot more. There are some things, maybe in the national guard that can be cut because I think public transportation and education has already been cut a lot.” -Hayden Dunn, junior, marketing





oliviaonlineMadeline Hardy


“I think we should stop outsourcing to countries that don’t appreciate us, like Egypt and other third-world countries, who want to do more harm than good.” -Olivia Saha, freshman, psychology


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