Students speak up on Syria

By on September 28, 2013
Madeline Hardy | The Quinnipiac Chronicle

“We are acting like the police dogs of the UN and I don’t think that is really our place. I think we need to recognize that other countries are telling us to stay out.” -Sophomore Kaitlin Devaney

Madeline Hardy | The Quinnipiac Chronicle

“I think that we should take all of the money that we would be using in the Syrian conflict and give it to Detroit. We have problems on the homefront that we should resolve first.” -Junior Christopher Moruzzi

Madeline Hardy | The Quinnipiac Chronicle

“I think that it is really important that we figure out what is going on in our home nation before we get involved in Syria because there are people and problems we have to deal with here first before we start sending troops to Syria.” -Junior Kevin Volpe

Madeline Hardy | The Quinnipiac Chronicle

“I do have family living in Syria. The people over in Syria tell me that it is really bad; the war is going on every day, thousands of children are getting killed every day. I’m so depressed because of it and because it is my family who is over there and we can’t get any contact with them…I do think our country should take the UN’s opinion about it; not just one country can attack it because you don’t know what the consequences might be over there in Syria. Russia and Iran are also involved and Iran is very strong.” -Sophomore Sara Olyaei


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