Quinnipiac retracts parking ban on York Hill juniors

By on February 8, 2012

Juniors will once again be allowed to park on the Mount Carmel campus at any time of the day.

Madeline Hardy
In an email sent to all resident juniors Wednesday night, Senior Vice President for Administration Richard Ferguson wrote that the policy that had previously prohibited any juniors from parking on the Mount Carmel campus before 3:30 p.m. had been revised.

Transportation and scheduling had become a problem for students living on the York Hill campus with classes and athletic practices on both the Mount Carmel and North Haven campuses, Ferguson said.

According to Quinnipiac’s attorney Bernard Pellegrino at a recent meeting with the Hamden Planning and Zoning commission, there are 191 juniors with classes on both campuses.

Ferguson encouraged juniors who do not have classes on the North Haven campus to use the shuttle system. “This will minimize traffic, maximize parking spots available to all commuter students, and contribute to a better environment for all of us,” Ferguson said.

Security originally instituted the parking ban on juniors on Sept. 27 at a Hamden Planning and Zoning meeting.


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