Top 20 Photos of NEC Championship

By on March 12, 2010

Photos taken by Amanda Shulman and Al Valerio


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  1. Spike Hoopica

    March 13, 2010 at 9:50 am

    Anybody ever calculate how much of our tuition goes to pay for a still under-performing for the money Hoop Program? The arena, Moore’s salary, the assistants and so on really all add up to an ego trip and a very expensive one at that. And while it looked like Calhoun’s departure was more imminent before this week when he signed on for another four years we suspect Moore will replace him sooner rather than later especially if Jimmy’s health takes a bad turn.
    So, the cycle will the repeat, the search will again begin for another, high profile guy looking to get to the Big Dance and a team that will so enable him.
    Where’s DeSantis in these economic times? He wasn’t that bad and you gotta wonder if he would have tolerated Feldeine’s off-court antics. Probably not, but then he would have never had a chance because the guy in the corner office looked the other way on that one.
    Well, one thing’s certain in sort of a fitting way. Nobody on this team is headed for the NBA, Europe or even a NYC playground. Gresham’s Law – bad money follows bad money. A QU Creedo

  2. Right On

    March 19, 2010 at 9:52 am

    One and Done and Out in the NIT remedial tourney. The return on investment continues on the decline. Go Coach Lahey!