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By on December 4, 2003

Texas Christian University, known to the rest of the country as TCU, has been the one team in the country thought to disrupt the entire BCS system. But after the Horned Frogs’ lose to Southern Mississippi, the alma-mater of NFL star Brett Favre, they have fallen out the top 10 in the BCS poll. Now, the athletic director at TCU has said that he will decline a bowl invitation to the GMAC Bowl, held on December 18, because the bowl falls on the school’s finals week. He said that although the players are athletes, they are students first, and he wants them to focus on their studies. By passing up the chance to play in the GMAC Bowl, the school will not receive the $750,000 payout for its participation. I never knew finals could not be rescheduled or maybe it is the fact that TCU is afraid of Miami of Ohio, their opponent in the GMAC Bowl, even know coach Gary Patterson denies the allegation…How many college football coaches have ever been fired after a 9-3 season? The answer is, not many. Nebraska athletic director Steve Pederson said that he believed the football program was “gravitating into mediocrity.” Despite his feelings, now ex-coach Frank Solich coached the Cornhuskers to a 27-12 mark over his three seasons. That is an average of nine wins a season. This season started with hopes of a national championship as it was thought the vaunted “black shirt” defense was back. But after critical conference loses to Missouri, Kansas State, and Texas, the ‘Huskers fell from the national spotlight. Nebraska will now look to go in different direction, most likely changing their out dated option based offense to a more wide open passing offense. So the big off season question in Lincoln will be, where the team goes from here…I apologize for proclaiming that Virginia Tech was one of the best teams in the country. I did not anticipate the fact they could only score on defense and special teams…The Heisman race is now between Pitt wide out Larry Fitzgerald and Oklahoma State quarterback Jason White. This award is predominantly a quarterback and running back award but it could go to Fitzgerald for the simple fact that he has to do it himself. He does not have a great team around him while White is on the team that could beat the Oakland Raiders, San Diego Chargers, and Atlanta Falcons with a healthy Michael “don’t call me Mike” Vick of the NFL. Of course, someone could win it that no one on the east coast has heard of. After all, everyone thought it would be Ken Dorsey of Miami or Brad Banks of Iowa last year and it was Carson Palmer of USC who is now a bench warmer for the resurgent Cincinnati Bengals…Chris Rix of Florida State has gone from goat to star and social deviant to hero all in one season. After numerous school and legal violations earlier in the season, Rix bounced back to win some big games for the Seminoles. The loss in the rain to in state rival Miami once again brought criticism back to Rix. But after his game winning hailmary touchdown pass against the University of Florida, Rix may be hailed as one of the best QB’s to set foot on the Tallahassee campus…


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