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By on September 25, 2003

Whoever said there is no such thing as the Heisman jinx? In the last 19 years, there have only been two winners who have gone on to have hall of fame careers, Tim Brown in 1987 and Barry Sanders in 1988. Recent winners, Charles Johnson in 1997 and Ricky Williams and 1998, are the only ones since Brown and Sanders to have above-par careers. Eric Crouch of Nebraska, Ron Dayne of Wisconsin, and Danny Wuerffel of Florida have not proven anything and are struggling to stay on an NFL roster…Bo Jackson of Auburn University fame is under investigation from his days at school. Former Auburn and Clemson University coach Tommy Bowden, stated that players at Auburn have been paid in addition to being given scholarships. But in this case, “Bo (doesn’t) know” if players were paid…The MAC (Mid American Conference) has long been a door mat for the BCS (Bowl Championship Series) conferences. Not any more. The conference has already knocked off five top 25 teams. Northern Illinois has defeated Maryland and Alabama, Miami of Ohio defeated Colorado State, Pittsburgh fell to Toledo, and Marshall beat Kansas State. This is more proof that the mid-major conferences come to play, not to get blown out. The fall out of these wins? BCS teams are not going to put these MAC teams on the schedule anymore…The most amazing stat of last week? Rashaun Woods of Oklahoma State had seven receiving touchdowns, five in the first half alone against Southern Methodist University. To go along with the seven touchdowns, Woods had 13 receptions with 232 receiving yards…Although Michigan was the fifth ranked team in country, there visit to PAC-10 powerhouse Oregon brought fear into the hearts of the Wolverines. Their fears came true as the Ducks won 31-27. That was the 15th consecutive loss for a Big Ten team traveling to a PAC-10 field, something to think about for Big Ten athletic directors scheduling road games for next season…Neil Parry of San Jose State University is one of the amazing college football stories ever, if not all of sports. Three years ago, Parry lost the lower part of his right leg after a teammate was blocked into him. Now 25 surgeries and 15 prosthetic legs later, Parry was on the field for the Spartans when they played the University of Nevada. He was on the field for one play, on special teams to cover a punt. Professional athletes who do not play because they have a cold or a soar throat should look at Parry and take notice…


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