Danny, Julie, and Puck of ‘Real World’ share V-day moments

By on February 8, 2001

Recently, Danny Roberts, Julie Stoffer and Puck of MTV’s “Real World” came to Quinnipiac for question and interview session with students.
After the event I caught up with the three stars and asked them about their Valentine’s day experiences. Here’s what they had to say:

On Valentine’s Day:
“First of all, I think it sucks. It’s just a lame holiday that’s created entirely by Hallmark, and it’s totally commercial.
“I think that if you have a valentine then it should be Valentine’s Day everyday. You shouldn’t need a one day to celebrate that love.”
On the worst Valentine’s Day:
“Probably the worst was when you’re a kid and your girlfriend dumped you right on Valentine’s Day.”
On the best Valentine’s Day:
“The best Valentine’s Day is the only one I’ve ever had. This past year, Paul came to visit me [during the “Real World” season] and he brought me some food from my favorite restaurant back home. We got to spend the whole day together.”

On Valentine’s Day:
“You don’t need a lover on Valentine’s Day, you just gotta have love!”
On being a virgin:
“Despite what Danny and Puck might say, I strongly, deeply believe in love. I think love is bigger than sex and any two people.
It’s an energy of its own. I’d rather wait for love.”
On what she would like most:
“I just want somebody I love to give me a bowl of Cheerios in the morning. I want them to give the day to me.
“It would be a day without cell phones, agents and pictures. We get some Taco Bell in the afternoon, then go to the pier and skateboard.”
On her favorite valentine:
“My brother. He gave me a bunch of cool stuff last year!”

On his favorite valentine:
“My dog Beana. When I first moved to L.A. I didn’t have a girlfriend, and I was feeling really lonely all the way out there.
“So my mom called and said `Dave, why don’t you get a dog?’
“So, I decided to go out and buy one. A cute one, you know, in order to pick up chicks.
“On “Valentine’s Day Eve,” I go out to score my dog.
“After going to several houses, I finally saw this one Chihuahua. He was drinking water out of his bowl, practically standing on his head.
“And I look over, and this owner’s husband shot me a look and said only one thing… `That dog’s going to break your heart.’
“And he was right.”


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